Plumbs’ Back to School Essentials

September 29, 2021

As we say goodbye to summer and welcome back the beginning of the new school year, we also bring back the early morning routine of breakfast and packed lunches. For many of us, this early morning routine was followed by a day of working from home, which took a little pressure off having to get ourselves organised too. But as we return to the office, we’re all looking for things to make our lives that little bit easier.

At Plumbs’ Dairy, we deliver fresh products to your door, to save you from having to do a midweek dash to the shops when the milk runs out! We’re going to talk you through some of our essential products to help you with your back to school routine.

Fresh milk delivered to your door!

Mornings are best started with coffee, so to make sure you never get caught out with an empty carton, we run our milk delivery service to make sure your fridge is always stocked with essentials. At Plumbs’, we’ve been delivering milk for over 50 years, so we know what our customers like. We offer a glass bottle service where every bottle is recycled, plastic cartons and a range of non-dairy alternatives too. We also know how quickly milk can run out when cereal is on the morning menu, so we can arrange a regular delivery slot to make sure your milk supply is always replenished!

Bread and butter!

Whether it’s toast for breakfast or packing up sandwiches for lunch boxes, bread will somehow find its way into your morning routine. Nothing is better than fresh bread, so we work with Barkers Bakery to ensure you can get a fresh loaf delivered straight to your door. When it comes to bread, we know that people have their favourites, so we stock a range of choices from soft white bread rolls to granary to bloomers, to make sure that everyone is catered for. We also offer other morning treats like breakfast muffins and crumpets to fill up hungry tummies for a big day at school!

Something sweet

One of our favourite things to put on fresh bread is a dollop of good quality jam! Lots of kids seem to love it too, so it’s the perfect sandwich filling for packed lunches. We stock Bay Tree’s award winning jam in a number of delicious fruity flavours, such as raspberry and strawberry. We also love their chutneys, which are a great way to add an extra bit of flavour to a sandwich!

After school treats

Sometimes a little sweet treat is in order after a hard day at school. Barkers Bakery offers a range of fresh cakes, such as chocolate, lemon and battenburg – a perfect way to end the day (and a treat for you too!).

If you want to make your back to school routine a little easier, head over to our homepage to find out more about our delivery service and browse our full range of products that we can deliver straight to your door!

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