Our top picks for a delicious summer picnic!

July 22, 2021

With the sun reaching scorching temperatures in recent weeks, summer has finally arrived! So we thought it would be the perfect time to talk you through our favourite products at Plumbs’ Dairy for your picnic hamper! Whether it’s a family picnic at the park, or a gathering with friends, we want to show you our top picks for you to pack in your cool box.

A classic jam sandwich

What’s a picnic without a classic jam sandwich? Bay Tree offers some award-winning delicious fruity jams such as strawberry, raspberry and cherry, perfect for those with a sweet tooth. They also make tasty chutneys and pickles in classic and less common flavours such as Spiced Apple and Onion, which are also favourites of the Great Taste Awards. We love to add these on to our cheese and crackers, or even to add that little something extra to our sandwiches!

Fresh summer salads

Whether you want to pack a crisp, cooling leafy salad, or some scrumptious pesto pasta, Yare Valley Oils have a range of products to create family-sized picnic dishes. Their Honey and Mustard Dressing is a great way to add some depth to your salad, and their Pesto Sauce added to pasta makes a quick but filling meal to fill hungry tummies (and it still tastes great served cold)! If you’re looking for smaller nibbles, we love to use their oils as a dip for bread – especially their Garlic and Rosemary one!

Keeping hydrated

Keeping your family hydrated on a hot summer’s day is essential, but sometimes you want something a little more flavoursome than just water. James White Juices, which are pressed locally in Suffolk, offer a range of refreshing flavours. From their classic apple juices, to ginger, lemon, beetroot and raspberry and pear, there’s something for everyone. We also stock some of their organic juices, and a variety of apple juices pressed with different apples for those with a particular favourite! Their Big Tom juice also works as a great base for a Bloody Mary, for those wanting to relax with a tasty drink at their picnic.

Sweet treats

After salads and sandwiches, you might be craving something sweet to balance out the savoury snacks. From lemon, ginger, carrot to chocolate cake, Barkers Bakery make a range of locally baked treats to satisfy your sugar craving! (They also sell freshly baked bread that we recommend for your sandwiches!). Check out their full range of products here!

Something fruity

Fresh fruit on a hot day is often what you really want! So why not add in a punnet of local strawberries! We also sell them with fresh local double cream for those looking for even more of a treat.

We offer plenty more delicious options to create your perfect picnic, so why not explore our full range of products here on our website. At Plumbs’ Dairy, we can deliver your order straight to your door, making your summer picnics that little bit easier!

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