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Invoices are sent as either paper invoices delivered with your milk or we can email it to you. They will be sent out either weekly, fortnightly or four-weekly depending upon what suits you best although we ask all our new customers to initially start out on weekly bills

When it comes to paying your bill there are numerous options. Payments can be made by: – Online card payments via the Sage portal if you have an online account (our preferred option) – Cheques either left out for collection on delivery or you can post it to us – Bacs Payment – Debit/Credit Card payments via a phone call to us

Yes, we do accept cash payments. However, we do prefer to avoid this due to its limits on being able to be traced and the risk of it being stolen

Our Bacs details can be found printed at the bottom of our invoices

When paying by Bacs please state your URN (found on your bill) as your reference so we can correctly allocate your payment to your account. Please don’t use ‘Milk’ as your reference 😊

Yes, you can. We always suggest leaving a note out if you miss the cut off for a next day milk change (3pm) whether this be reducing or adding additional milk, as our milkmen/women often carry spares of the most common milk. They do not carry spares of other goods but they can arrange for these to be left with your next delivery

To change, reduce or add additional products to your order, you can either leave a note out for your roundsman/woman the night before, give us a call on 01223 893033, email us at (before 3pm Monday to Friday) or if you have an online account you can amend and manage your orders online

No, there is no minimum spend or order requirement

No, we do not charge additional costs for delivery, you only pay for the products you order/receive

We collect and recycle all glass bottles from our milk and orange juice bottles. Just give them a rinse and leave them out for us to collect next time we come

If your delivery has not arrived, please check all around outside your house, and where possible check your emails in case we have notified our customers with a route problem. If you are unaware of any issues and cannot see your delivery outside please give us a call on 01223 893033 for us to look into the issue further. Occasionally rounds may run late due to a variety of reasons, in which we will do our best to locate/ get a delivery to you. Another reason for this, is when a route’s usual roundsman/woman is on holiday, cover drivers may run at slightly different times, may leave deliveries in a different position to normal or in the worst case scenario, not be able to find you

Ideally, we need to be notified within 24 hours of a missed delivery or a missing item. This ensures we can check with our roundsman/woman as to whether the item was delivered or has been unfortunately stolen while it’s fresh in their mind

Yes, please do leave out a box or bag for us to leave your delivery in. Particularly in summer months we recommend a cool box due to the warmer conditions to ensure milk and all other fresh produce remains cool. Just make sure it is obviously for us to use!

Yes, we are happy to take down delivery instructions to help ensure our drivers leave your delivery in the correct location.

No this is not always the case. Our website may say this purely because we currently do not have any customers with that postcode, but this does not necessarily mean we can not deliver. In these circumstances, please call us on 01223 893033 or drop us an email at and we can double check if we can deliver to you

Delivery times vary, depending on many factors such as how big your round is, and whereabouts within the round you are. We are unable to guarantee a time but we do always aim to have yours to you by 7:30am.

Most orders can be changed up until 3pm the day before by phone, email or your online account. The cut off for changing your order may vary as some products have longer lead times, and some are ordered specifically based on the orders we receive. Changes to bread must be done 48 hours prior to the change and Fruit/veg boxes must be ordered or cancelled by Tuesday of the week it is due to be delivered

Generally, we find milk theft to be opportunistic – if thieves can’t see it, they tend not to go looking for it, so just by leaving your milk in any kind box or maybe in a different location where it isn’t so obvious, the problem goes away

Yes, we will deliver on bank holidays except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day unless you are advised otherwise

Yes, we do. If a property needs a code to ensure entry please inform us of the code for entry, or let us know if there is a delivery access point

Yes, you can pause your deliveries. We can add holiday stops in over the phone, by email or if you have an online account you can do this via your online portal

You can either register online via our website, this will help to identify if we cover your area. Simply fill out an online registration form with all your address details, and we will activate the account. Alternatively, you can give us a call and we will be able to set you up an account and inform you of the delivery days in your area once provided with your full address

To create an online account please click on the ‘Register’ button on our home page. If you’re an existing customer please ensure you tick the pop-up box which asks whether you’re an existing customer, this helps to ensure your online account will be correctly linked up to your current account with us. Otherwise it will just create an additional account

An online account comes with many benefits. By having an online account, it enables you to be able to amend your order yourself, add on extra items, view and pay your invoices and also see our full list of products. Each week you will be able to see your full week of orders, invoices and also double check what you have received. Paying via your online account is the only way of instantly reducing your balance as all other ways require manual input our end which may take a day or two especially if paying via Bacs over the weekend or posting cheques

In the event you notice a charge for a product you did not receive please email us at to resolve this for you, or you can call us on 01223 893033. If you receive a product you did not order, please let us know so we can collect this product on your next delivery and ensure you’re not charged

Firstly, please try to reset your password following the reset link. If this option fails to work please do email us at: where we can re-set the account. Similarly, if your log in will not accept your email address please also contact us via email

We are open from 9:00am until 3:00pm

No, we sell a variety of other products including; cream, cheese, yoghurts, fresh juices, bread, butter, fruit and veg boxes, water, garden products, bird seed and much more. Find the full list on our product page, or alternatively request a shopping list from us to be left with your milk

Please get in touch so we can check whether or not you’re still within our delivery area and whether we have space within that milkround to add your new address. Moving house can mean changing to another round, which could mean different delivery days