Local produce to make your Christmas extra special

November 29, 2021

Christmas is all about bringing people together. Friends get together for drinks and nibbles; families sit around the table for a big Christmas feast; and our local communities work together to create Christmas markets, festive parties and celebrations. It’s when we connect with our local communities that we begin to see all the incredible things that are available on our doorstep, and all the talented people who are behind them.

When choosing where to buy your Christmas food, knowing who made it and the story behind it can make it feel that extra bit special. Knowing the processes behind its creation, where it was made, and what has gone into it can somehow make it more delicious. And when the product has only travelled a few miles down the road to get to your doorstep, you can count on it being as fresh as can be!

Here at Plumbs’ Dairy, we work with some of the best local suppliers to ensure that you know exactly where your food is coming from. We have sourced the finest produce available, making sure that every part of your Christmas meal is full of flavour.

Local farms for free-range meat

We offer a range of different local free-range meat from bacon, sausages to turkey, so you have plenty to eat over the festival period. We work with Waterhall Farm, whose succulent free-range turkeys are available to order in a range of sizes; so whatever size feast you are preparing, you can order for the right number of people. Waterhall Farm is a family business based in Sudbury in Suffolk who have been rearing turkeys for the past 70 years, so you can count on them for great taste! We recommend ordering the Bay Tree Cranberry Sauce too, which also tastes delicious in leftover turkey sandwiches – we also love it in a brie and cranberry sandwich for a meat-free option. Norfolk-based Broadland Hams supplies our bacon, Norfolk pork sausages, ham and Gammon, providing you with a selection of meat for breakfasts, lunches and dinners over the Christmas period.

Fresh, handpicked vegetable boxes

Often when buying vegetables at supermarkets, you have to buy them in large bags, leaving you with a bit too much of everything that can sometimes go to waste. At Plumbs’ Dairy, we can deliver you just the right amount of vegetables for your Christmas dinner. We work with local suppliers Hilarys, who have been delivering the finest produce across Cambridge for over 30 years, so you know that your veg hasn’t had to travel far to get to you. At Plumbs’, we handpick the vegetables supplied by Hilarys to create boxes to suit the size you need, whilst also checking for quality and freshness of the produce.

Oils and condiments for extra flavour!

The finishing touches and special ingredients are often what makes parts of the dish so special. Yare Valley Oils, which are made in the heart of the Norfolk countryside, help to create the crispiest roast potatoes; their Black Truffle and Garlic and Rosemary oil can add that secret bit of flavour that will have your guests asking for the recipe. Or why not try drizzling Suffolk’s sweetest runny honey from Stour Valley over your carrots before roasting, for a caramelized, honey-roasted taste. To make your Christmas food that extra bit special, make sure you place your Plumbs’ Dairy order by 3rd December using our order form. We can deliver a whole range of fresh, local produce to your door, with each order supporting our local com

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